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New sales channels

Opening new sales channels using web technologies is the quickest and cheapest way to secure additional sources of income. An online store is often an essential tool that complements other sales channels and enables synergistic effects in relation to sales through unique marketing activities.



Enable your customers to buy your products online. Whether you offer a single product or thousands of products, we have the right solution for you. An online store has numerous advantages over a conventional store due to the possibilities offered by the digital environment, such as tracking shopping habits, dynamic product promotion, activity logging, cross-selling and much, much more.


Shopping process

We provide various online store structures. As customers' shopping habits are constantly changing, the user experience is changing as well. Based on this, we have developed optimal models for different types of stores. You can monitor the shopping process and make changes to the sales process through the administration interface.


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We take your online customers' habits into consideration


The development process from idea to release


The idea






Design and Programming





The user interface is very important in online stores – it has to be simple and easy to use. We offer a sophisticated back-end system and a variety of user interface options. We are a progressive and innovative company that develops new frameworks with new approaches to create the best possible user experience. The integration of e-commerce systems enables the automation of back-end processes, giving your brand a competitive advantage in terms of logistics and sales.

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