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Projects are the face of every company

The first glance at the wide range of projects reveals that PROGMBH shares its experience, innovations and knowledge with all the most important companies in the Slovenian market. Using the latest technologies and global infrastructure which, together with our experience, come together to form integrated solutions, we create a competitive advantage for our clients.


A web system which brings together the most important online tools and allows users to control their sales activities and communication with their customers from one place.

  • Online presentation and e-shop

  • Mobile app

  • Booking

  • Targeted marketing

  • Everything in one place



The core of Medex.si web shop are the carefully selected articles with advice for users supported with innovative sales solutions.

  • Driving online sales using user advice

  • Streamlined user experience

  • Advanced system for targeted marketing

  • Support for multiple markets

  • Beesecret.si



Innovative technology. Sophisticated design. Dynamics. These are the qualities that describe this world renowned developer of innovative gaming products. The exact same qualities they want to reflect in the online environment.

  • Addressing a specific target group

  • Global marketplace

  • New guidelines of web design through use of animated elements technology

  • Web catalogues

  • The website reflects the credibility of the partner



A combination of innovative web technology, coupled with the sales logic and the healing power of water springs in Laško, provides a supreme user experience to all users, both online and in Thermana Laško.

  • Wide array of services on one site

  • Streamlined user experience

  • E-shop

  • Vitality area

  • Exposure of the most important events and activities



A complete waste management service. A comprehensive digital overview of their operations on their website. Social responsibility follows them every step of the way. Setting up this online system has also been a valuable lesson for us in waste management.

  • Addressing different target groups

  • Well-structured and dynamic website

  • Web application for managing activities in schools

  • Optimized for use on mobile devices

  • Modern guidelines of web design



The largest online wine shop in Slovenia presents itself with a superior visual design to match their top quality wines and other products. Shopping in this online shop can easily be described as a premium culinary experience.

  • Shop for B2B customers

  • Safe and reliable platform

  • Diverse and transparent purchase

  • Advanced cross-selling and upselling tools

  • Blog



Better is a new brand by Marand d.o.o. company, covering a wide array of modern IT solutions for health care. The creative design is the brainchild of Pikto agency, which has been borught to life by our ProPlatform.

  • Safe and reliable platform

  • Integrated web design and animation

  • 1 web system allowing for management of 6 websites from one spot

  • Optimized for use on mobile devices



The Modernist hotel is taking the streets of Triest by storm with its rich architectural heritage and innovative design, while also taking its place in the digital world.

  • Branding

  • Modern design

  • The latest web technology

  • SEO

  • International cooperation



The Ministry of Public Administration is also keen on digitizing as many work processes as possibile, to secure better control over them and improve response time for solving issues of Slovenian citizens.

  • STOP birokraciji website

  • Enotna zbirka ukrepov website

  • Independend back-end app

  • Supporting the internal process for resolving initiatives and taking actions at the level of all ministries

  • Multi-annual cooperation


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