An easy way to get your own mobile application

Get your own mobile application in three easy steps.
Enter the mobile application world and present your company to mobile device users.
This platform enables every company to get its own custom-made iOS and Android mobile application with a minimal investment.


Custom mobile applications

If you want to add value to your business with a unique mobile application for your clients, you have come to the right place.
You can trust our experts to handle all aspects of the development of your custom-made mobile application.



Our company has been developing websites since the very beginning.

Always being in step with the latest development trends and knowing what makes a good user experience, we design sophisticated, functional and attractive websites.
Our websites are responsive and can easily adapt to different screen sizes. They are powered by the PRO-CMS content management system, which enables integration with back-end systems and mobile platforms.


Online stores

When talking about the modern digital sales channel or e-commerce, we are happy to point out that our solutions have contributed to the global expansion of numerous brands, both Slovenian and international. We build online store systems for small companies on the basis of existing open source solutions, which are more affordable.

We develop customised online stores for more complex, integrated systems using our own PRO-Framework development environment. We offer various types of user interface architectures depending on your target groups to achieve optimal purchase conversion.

Mercator - Web shop


Custom web applications

We develop dedicated web applications and back-end systems in the PRO-Framework environment.
The PRO-Framework environment allows us to build advanced and complex web systems. The environment is flexible and enables customisation and rapid modifications for improving the user experience.
Stop investing in inadequate solutions made for someone else. We can develop a customised web system tailored to your work and marketing processes.


Facebook applications

We are experts in using social media to promote our clients.

We will prepare a campaign concept for you and back it up with the proper technological solutions and marketing approaches to guarantee optimal results.
We integrate applications with back-end systems to enable two-way interactivity between users and the company.
We use different methods and stimulators to achieve virality, as the social media environment tends to change rapidly together with its users, who are becoming increasingly intelligent and well-informed.



A cloud-based communication ecosystem.

A system based on WebRTC technology that enables voice, video and data communication through a browser without any additional plug-ins or software.
The technology is fully supported by Chrome, Firefox and Opera.



A marketing campaign management and multi-channel communication tool

Interactive management through e-mail, regular mail, text messages, phone calls and push messages and advanced segmentation within a single tool allow you to easily implement marketing campaigns and monitor their impact. Balthazar enables you to configure communication management triggers and personalise messages, which is an integral part of your company's processes.



Want to offer your customers interactive discounts?

Using our system and QR codes, you can speed up the buying process in your store.
You can create an unlimited number of discount QR codes stored in a centralised cloud-based system.
The rapid distribution of campaigns between individual outlets and real-time results are just two of the advantages of the Scan4Sale.com system.
Modern approaches and innovative new tools are the key to engaging modern buyers.



A company process management tool

If time is valuable to you, then PROBusinessFlow is the right tool for your company.
It allows you to manage contacts, clients, prospects, projects, tasks, records and other elements related to business processes in your company. It is a tool that makes work easier for all your employees and increases the efficiency of the entire system in terms of project and client management.


Domains and hosting

We have a great deal of experience managing digital assets and we manage our own portfolio of over 1,500 domains.
We register and manage both local and international domains for our clients with the same care.
Our global infrastructure allows us to provide high-quality and secure hosting for our products and our clients' systems
We have our own infrastructure in nine data centres across all the continents of the world, which are connected with all the major internet hubs.


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